Shepherds Bookbinders of London

Bookbinding supplies and courses available in London

Shepherds Bookbinders Victoria London

Shepherds Bookbinders 30 Gillingham Street London SW1V 1HU – within walking distance of Victoria

Shepherds Bookbinders Ltd of London

This is a long way from Bangkok and the post looks like an advert; but there are few commercial binderies in the UK.  Shepherds sell materials and run classes on how to make books.  Since 2012, the company has offered bookbinding courses certified by City & Guilds.  If you are a beginner and a wannabe, you may find it useful to know what is available – even if you are nowhere near London.

You can download their PDF for absolute beginners here and save searching around on their websites (listed below).  It is available for personal use only and Shepherds retain all rights.


This is written with an exam and a certificate in mind.City & Guilds Emblem

It is also slightly quaint, as you may expect from a Dickensian shop located close to Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley.  Polite bookbinders wield a ‘bodkin’ whereas roughneck cobblers use an awl.

Enough puff on their behalf.  They describe themselves with lots of pictures at these websites:

A fascination of these sites is that they show all the materials I can’t get in BKK.

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