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Handmade Notebooks – blank or ruled

Customer Request: some pages ruled Handmade Notebooks – plain or ruled? Handmade notebooks are not often ruled, whereas many commercial notebooks contain preprinted guidelines.  You see bright young things in fashionable coffee houses with Chicskine notebooks and equally smart phones.


Handmade Paper Curios

Layabouts – books, paper, curios


Art Supplies Bangkok

Where to Buy Art Supplies in Bangkok Here is a brief guide to art supplies in Bangkok updated March 2018.  Click to download a PDF which will print 2-sided on one sheet of A4.  QuickArtSupplyListBKK   Book and Paper Arts Several

Idin Studio Banner

Idin Paper

A Sense of Paper Bamboo Paper Handmade in Lampang Idin Paper is a small paper maker and artist community located in North West Thailand. Update 03 August 2016: the drought in Thailand was so severe in the first half of

Water Marbled Paper

Water Marbling at the Kitchen Sink

Anyone Can Do It This article is in response to the question ‘How did you do that?’ when I showed a sample of marbled paper.  You can do it yourself too with a water bath, a sheet of office paper,